The authentic flavour of Sardinia in the heart of Alghero

The “Caragol” restaurant-trattoria (which in the Algherese dialect means “snail”) is located in the historic centre of Alghero, and specifically within a time-honoured, Catalan-era building, just a stone’s throw from the city’s famous bastions. The attractive feel of the space and the opportunity to savour the typical dishes of the local culinary tradition together make Caragol not just one of the city's finest authentic restaurants, but also a place in which to engage fully with Sardinia's history and gastronomic culture, in what is an exceptionally romantic, relaxing atmosphere.


Our showstopper dishes

How’s the food at Caragol? We offer the typical dishes of the Algherese and wider Sardinian traditions, prepared using only the finest local ingredients: pasta made in-house (such as Culurgiones and Maccarones de Busa), fresh fish, snails, spit-roasted suckling pig and other types of local meat.

Why eat at Caragol?


Faithful to tradition while also leveraging our international experience, we provide a culinary offering that makes the most of the local resources, using only seasonal products grown nearby and presenting the dishes in a creative, captivating way.


We work for you even when we’re closed! On our days “off”, we explore every part of the region, searching out new producers and selecting those products that best reflect our idea of what it means to eat well in Sardinia.


The untreated sandstone walls, the soft lighting and the refined surroundings all contribute to making Caragol the ideal place to enjoy a peaceful meal in the very heart of the historic centre of the city, immersing yourself both in Sardinia’s culinary tradition and in its history.


Our 18 years of experience in the restaurant sector, built up both in Italy and overseas (above all, in the UK and Germany), enable us today to meet the needs of even the most exacting of customers, combining culinary excellence with the warm welcome that is very much a feature of Sardinian culture

The (good) things they say about us

Positive feedback reaches us every day both from our most loyal customers and from those who discover us by chance, as well as from restaurant critics and industry professionals. In short, we hear good things being said about us not only around the streets of the historic centre but also on Trip Advisor (where we have received excellent reviews) and in travel guides and magazines (we were named as one of Alghero’s best restaurants in the Guida Espresso 2016).


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